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Seagulls Swimming Club are a competitive swimming club formed in 1978 & are based at the 2Riversmeet (2RM) Leisure Centre in Christchurch, Dorset.  The club offers year-round competitive swimming for anyone who is able to swim one length of the pool (25 metres).  Seagulls Swimming Club has a strong and growing membership drawn from all age groups (7 years and upwards) from Christchurch and the surrounding areas of Dorset (Bournemouth, Bransgore, Burton, Highcliffe, New Milton, Barton-on-sea, Lymington and Verwood). 

Coaching is provided by a highly qualified team lead by a full-time Head Coach.  The club is also fully affiliated with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

Seagulls Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club, in that its members are trained to take part in competitive events.  As such, all members are expected to take an active part in the various competitions that are run throughout the year.

The club is sponsored by the Hinton Oak Pub & Restaurant and is run by a team of enthusiastic parents, but we are always looking for new members to help with the many and varied tasks.


Members of Seagulls Swimming Club are taught the fundamentals of competitive swimming including the further development & perfection of stroke skills, as well as sportsmanship & teamwork.  In addition, swimmers get to meet & interact with others from different schools while enjoying the health benefits of regular physical activity. 

Not everyone will be a superstar, but the benefits that competition brings: self discipline; goal setting; self motivation; honesty; self-confidence; team camaraderie; experience of success & how to deal with defeat; academic structure & strength; physical fitness & development, & friends, can all be viewed as valuable life skills.  Ultimately though, competitive swimming is a fun team sport where everyone participates & everyone wins through individual & team accomplishments.

The Swimmers

We aim to give all swimmers, regardless of gender, age, ability, disability, religion, race or social /economic background equal opportunities.
They should be able to access swimming and develop at a level which is appropriate to them.
The swimmers are given equal opportunities to make choices and take decisions that affect their performance and behaviour.

The Parents

Parents are always to be made welcome at Christchurch Seagulls Swimming Club. They should feel that the club's staff is approachable and accessible. Staff should always be positive, courteous and helpful. Seagulls aims to provide all parents with quality information about their child's progress. Also, they should feel that the they can contribute to the life of the swimming club. Seagulls is always trying to involve parents who can help and is very grateful for their contribution, large or small.

Please remember that most of our coaches, committee members and other helpers are volunteers, giving their time freely to help your children and your club.

Staff at Seagulls

All coaches, officials, volunteers, and committee members are valued and appreciated. We aim to promote a culture of empowerment and continuous improvement in Seagulls.
We consider that all staff should have equal opportunity to take part in, and have access to:
- Development and training
- Decision making (to help shape the club)
- Information


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